the gods of electricity have a point to make…

Another weekend, another blackout. This one right in the middle of attempting a backup. It is possible I am some kind of human lightning rod. Except I've never been struck by lightning myself. I just attract strikes and surges to my general vicinity. Perhaps some higher power wants to punish me for the sheer flood […]

15 January 2007

Revised Words: 1,163 / 1,200 Soundtrack: an awful lot of Damien Rice today. Last night there was a comet over Krakow. Tonight there's a comet over Catalonia. In about forty minutes I'm going to see if I can't spot a comet over me, because apparently it's climbing the southern skies as of last night. I […]

and now for something completely different random

Phrases heard this week which make excellent catch-cries: Goodbye, trolley people! I caught this one on TV last night. Flicking through the channels landed me on a movie with Julie Andrews playing a Queen. Don't know why the Queen was standing in the middle of an American street with a stopped tram, but this was […]

im in ur lifestyle, making you dependent

Electricity. I've always known I was dependent. But there's nothing to drive home the point quite so thoroughly as a blackout. Last Sunday night saw my suburb (and quite a large number of surrounding suburbs) abruptly without power. All of a sudden I had nothing to do. Couldn't watch the TV as planned. That's okay, […]

i win at failing

I've been missing in action because Telstra, in an attempt to punish me for I know not what, have decreed that I shall have only the most rudimentary and intermittent internet access. In addition to Telstra's ploy, the home network router has concocted a machiavellian1 plot to keep me away from the shinyshiny internet.2 Dial-up […]

it never rains but it pours

The signing sheets for Postscripts #18 have come and gone on their merry way and I can say this with certainty: I have no signature. Truly, every single one of those sheets is unique. I am currently sitting in my car, which is at the moment a very expensive sculpture, on account of the battery […]

sometimes alcohol is the best medicine

Right. Back again. I'll spare you all the details, mainly because I don't want to live through them a second time. Suffice to say things looked bleak for a while there. Not everything has fallen back into place just yet, but I don't think the light at the end of the tunnel is the oncoming […]

geography. perhaps it should be part of the syllabus again?

To properly celebrate the move south, I spent Easter…back home. One of the perks of this arrangement was spending some time with Spawn, who can't quite tell my two younger brothers apart. "This are Ben," she told me as I pointed out one younger brother (not Ben, in actual fact). I pointed out the real […]

and her fingernails are painted new

Dear Internets, I love you. In fact, it's fair to say I'm addicted to you. But — forgive me — I'm beginning to wonder whether even you are worth wading through the mires of the Australian telephone infrastructure system, not to mention all the accompanying so-called service providers feeding on its carcass. Additionally, I cannot […]


And the lord said let there be light Deb insisted, and dug in her heels, and got angry, and did the deadly calm trick, and finally got obstreperous and continuously demanded internet: and there was light until the telecommunications companies finally gave in just to shut her up, and there was internet. And it was […]