i just wish she'd get the hang of sleep

Apparently if you want free stuff, being born is an awesome tactic. Below is (most) everything that Squawk received, from people other than her parents, to celebrate her arrival. There are a couple of outfits missing on account of being in the wash or on said squawker, and I should add that I only included […]

oh, i'm so funny

That thing I said the other day, about trying to write every day, even if it was something as tiny and trivial as a line in my journal? HA. HA HA HA.

i was promised tv time. there is no tv time.

Writing around a newborn — even a relatively placid, low-needs one — is requiring a significant re-think of my process. (She says, shocking no one.) Of course I expected this, but I still haven't quite come up with strategies that might work to combat not just the time-poverty but also the zombification of my cognitive […]

Death Tarot, by Stephanie Pui-Mun Law

honesty vs openness

I've been thinking, lately, about honesty and openness, and how that pertains to my blog. I am always honest; I am not necessarily always entirely open. That should be no surprise. This blog is a public space, and I aspire to behave professionally in public spaces, so I don't, for example, allow myself to be […]

The Facade Doesn't Fit, by Luke Chueh

bad mother, no biscuit

So here's something obvious if only I'd stopped to think about it: an overnight trip with a 4 month old is a bit brutal. This weekend, Squawk, the pterosaur and I tripped up to Sydney for the Aurealis Awards. We went partly because "First They Came…" was shortlisted, and mostly because I wanted to be […]

here we go again

Out with the old, in with the new: after taking about a week "off", it's been back into writing stories, this time the Clockmakers story. And of course I wasn't really taking time off. I was instead taking some time up front to make sure I knew the end of the story, the point toward […]

progress, albeit slow

Last night, I wrote the last words on the alpha draft of what I've been calling Clockmakers, the actual title of which turns out to be "The Miseducation of Mara Lys". Calling it an alpha draft is a bit generous, to be honest, but in the interests of having something pinned to the page which […]

image courtesy of xkcd.com

my kingdom for an uninterrupted half hour. or some focus.

Ah, productivity, how I miss you. You never call, you never write… I feel like I've been spinning my wheels on this ever since Squawk was a week old and I began thinking about trying to fit my writing around her. During all this time my thoughts — thanks to my brain chemistry and a […]

kemst þó hægt fari

Sitting in the type of weather I perfectly hate: muggy, unmoving air, thick with plump mosquitos; and all I can think is: I miss Iceland. This is the black-sand beach where Jökulsárlón, the glacial lagoon fed by Vatnajökull, empties its iceberg shards into the Atlantic Ocean. The day I visited it was bitterly cold, hanging […]

end of an era

After two years, today saw me return to the world of gainful corporate employment. Last night, the prospect was paralysing. After all, the world at large hadn't been put on hold these past years, even if mine had. Would I remember how to do my job? Would that even matter, given the significant changes in […]