tessa made me

Back again, to add my maunderings to the netbabble once again. Because I'm a blog-junkie, after all. And Tessa said I had to increase her reading load. I have — very politely, I think — waited until she had a job and therefore radically decreased reading times, and obliged her. I'm nice like that.


While researching (not procrastinating, honest) the other day, I came across an interview with Margo: BWI: How do you choose your viewpoint character? In some stories, that answer is obvious (the viewpoint is through the only character who is present for all the action), but in some stories you seem to choose a character outside […]

A procrastination of writers…?

Today's writing-avoidance: coding (for some reason, I can get lost in coding for hours. Days, even.) sniffing out an FTP program browsing for plugins playing sudoku (I can't help it, I'm hooked) scouring the net for collective nouns So I've solved a "diabolical" sudoku (from Thursday's Sydney Morning Herald), I've downloaded FileZilla, and I've installed […]

Browser Wars

Designing web-pages is a pain. Is it being constantly presented with new coding languages when you'd only just got the hang of the last one? Nope. It's the browser wars. Of course. It's not that I dislike Internet Explorer — in fact, I quite like some aspects. I like the smaller menu-bar; Firefox takes up […]

The Post Office shouldn't toy with me like that…

Last Thursday, I was somewhat startled to see a large envelope from SciFiction in my mailbox: too large for a form rejection, thinks I. Could it be? Alas, alack, no. It wasn't a large envelope from SciFiction, but a large envelope to the magazine. This would be the result of the Post Office's inability to […]

I've lost my free card…

Elizabeth Bear talks about writerly talent: Here's what I think about talent. It's true: some people have more than others. And I suspect if one is going to make it as a writer, one walks in with a free card. One thing you can do coming out of the gate. One aspect of the tremendous […]


I've just installed an updated version of WordPress. If y'all notice any (new) strangeness with the site, let me know. I feel so accomplished. In completely bizarre news (which North Americans have probably already heard, but is new to me): Chelsea Clinton is apparently worth 20 cows and 40 goats (link via Pravda).

Medicine Bag

Suzette Hagin Elgin quotes Ursula Le Guin: The proper shape of narrative, she says on page 7, is not the arrow or spear that goes — THOK! — from A to Z. Rather, "I would go so far as to say that the natural, proper, fitting shape of the novel might be that of a […]

"I'm not an answering machine—I don't have a message for you!"

Ursula K. Le Guin talks about Story versus Message: The complex meanings of a serious story or novel can be understood only by participation in the language of the story itself. To translate them into a message or reduce them to a sermon distorts, betrays, and destroys them. This is because a work of art […]


Find the key emotion; this may be all you need know to find your short story. F. Scott Fitzgerald Bear recently blogged about writerly talents, where she mentioned earning pathos. A day or so later (if that), I stumbled across the Fitzgerald quote. Who am I to argue with synchronicity? So I've been thinking about […]