i just wish she'd get the hang of sleep

Apparently if you want free stuff, being born is an awesome tactic. Below is (most) everything that Squawk received, from people other than her parents, to celebrate her arrival. There are a couple of outfits missing on account of being in the wash or on said squawker, and I should add that I only included […]

i was promised tv time. there is no tv time.

Writing around a newborn — even a relatively placid, low-needs one — is requiring a significant re-think of my process. (She says, shocking no one.) Of course I expected this, but I still haven't quite come up with strategies that might work to combat not just the time-poverty but also the zombification of my cognitive […]

if world=me, it's already true

Dear Squawk, I really hope this proves true: @debkalin she will bring balance to the Force. And by 'Force' I mean world. And by 'balance' I mean speechless frustration. — Sir Tessa (@sirtessa) February 24, 2013

my kingdom for some meaning

I've taken to singing. All the effing time. I have songs about burps (they're nasty); nappy changes (they're awesome); boredom grizzles; the fear of sleeping; the necessity of sleeping; the insidious and all-too-easily-missed-or-mistaken nature of weariness; socks that won't stay on; the loveliness of whichever drink bottle, chandelier or featureless wall she currently finds fascinating […]

cherry crow children, the playlist

Having finished the cherry crow children story (for certain values of finished), I find myself unable to concentrate particularly well. Coherency is not my strong point right now. It's taken me the last three days to pack, in fits and starts and indecisions, for our overnight stay in Sydney this weekend. So in lieu of […]

The Queen Is Dead, by Luke Chueh

i hate it when she cries

Don't check on her for ten minutes. Listen to her — is she crying up? Or down? Even if she's crying up, leave her for at least five minutes, all babies need five minutes of crying to get themselves to sleep. Except those that don't. All babies learn to fall asleep by themselves between 3-6 […]

image courtesy of xkcd.com

for my next trick, i shall put on weight

In order to get Squawk to eat baked macaroni1, I have to eat it with her. At this point in the proceedings, in fact, I have to eat it for her. I find I am entirely okay with this. And because she's extremely cautious around food, I know I'm going to need to eat it […]

her self-esteem is through the roof

Squawk has figured out her dad's first name, and when she wants his attention I'll hear this wistful little "Stuieeeee….!" Often she'll get stuck in a loop, repeating his name over and over, but this time she immediately got distracted by Nanna. Who is currently over a thousand kilometres away, so I've no idea why […]

conversations with squawk

Me: I'm so weary! Where's all my energy gone today? Squawk: People! Me: Oh? Which people? Squawk: …Apple People.