he coulda died

Meet Max: couch-goitre: The other day we had builders around, to (finally) start in on repairing the damage from the June 8 not-a-cyclone. Max did not cope well with the strange men trafficking in bangs and clatters. He had to find a secure place to hide — hence, under the couch throw. This is how […]

i got no time for private consultation…

Today, in a fit of my-brainpan-is-scraped-dry procrastination, I cleaned up my various IM accounts. I can't promise I'll be online or available on them with any greater frequency than before, but if you're interested you can find my various accounts listed over on my livejournal profile page. My brainpan is in fact scraped so dry […]

the macrae field

While in Melbourne, I caught up with Andy, who claims he owns the most annoying cat in the world. It's a bold claim. I feel compelled to call him on it. One of his cat's less pleasant habits is sitting on his pillow, by his head, and licking his hair. This, I agree, sounds particularly […]


The dayjob and the freelance work conspired on me, handing me a 16.5 hour workday which left me sorely in need of movement to unlock all the muscles in my back and neck that had seized up from all that typing. Not to mention sleep. In truly spectacular fashion, I fell into bed at 6:30pm […]

that's what's going to happen

Today's walk home, or at least 1km thereof: It doesn't look too bad, does it? This, however, is one of those hills which remains difficult. There's one particularly steep stretch where, on stopping to rest, I find myself leaning forward to counteract the sense of standing poised on a precipice and in danger of tumbling […]

"they're close to vermin, aren't they?"

Kudos to my grandfather, also affectionately known as Cyberpop, for the subject line. His observation on watching the two kittens slinking and racing through the house for the past couple of days. Arrived home late last night. Due to a mix-up by the airline staff when we booked in, we were waiting for our poor […]

where's your dunkirk spirit?

The copyedits slog on, and the further I wade in, the more notes I leave myself of the "yeah, come back and fix this, definitely" nature. This is the part of the process where I start to despair because I seem to be making more notes to self than I'm fixing. The mindset is entirely […]

there's a hole in my bucket, dear liza

It's been a hectic few days weeks months, to say the least. I could sum up, but there is too much and, in the paradoxical way of these things, too little to bother. Cryptic, I know, but it is born of weariness. The other night, being deprived of internet, I tallied up my work hours […]

random observations

The kitten has taken to dragging his kill home to me. This means the floor around my desk, where I'm usually to be found, is littered with his offerings. So far, he's "killed" a blanket, my brother's hooded jacket, a toy mouse, a bright yellow stuffed dog wearing a christmas hat, a paper bag, a […]