once, in flight school, i was laconic

Hands up, who remembers Snorgle? She's all of fifteen months old now, and as of a week ago she has a baby brother. I've named him Sproglet. Sprog for short. He doesn't have a bib yet, but maybe he can share his sister's, because allegedly he snorgles more than she ever did. I feel it's […]

adelaide, in pictures

Dropped in on Spawn and Brutus on the way to the airport, where Spawn takes her art seriously: and Brutus has discovered it takes work to sit: Quickly scoped out the local: Which was fortunate, as the fortitude I found via the local allowed me to endure the small eternity I spent at that other […]

I'll tell you all of the things that you'll never forget

Children. They are, in point of fact, germ manufacturing and distribution facilities. Spawn and Brutus were up on the weekend and, lo and behold, I am lurgified. This circumstance would be more acceptable if it had occurred on a working day, instead of my days off. On the other hand, my germ-addled mind did produce […]

an update in points

Spawn turned 2 recently, so for the family party we took her back to the animal farm where she first discovered turkeys. This time, she got to bottle-feed week-old lambs: Brutus meanwhile discovered the overpowering joys of cupcakes: Who needs hands, eh? Meanwhile, on a whim, the other day I decided to test how many […]

then there are the days you (almost) come out even

After much procrastination, both before and during the session, and some 1200 words revised, a particularly muddy section of the second novel of The Binding is now officially fixed. The first draft had Amalia1 being evil, when really she's just impulsive and spiteful, so now all the evil occurs at her brother's instigation. This works […]

this is the bit where the brain starts to splinter

I keep losing days. Today is Monday, apparently, but I'm pretty sure yesterday was Saturday. This means I'm either going insane, becoming ever more inattentive, Sunday was totally and utterly exactly the same as Saturday and thus they blurred into the one day in my memory… or Sunday just vanished out the calendar. I'm betting […]

mr jekyll is wrestling hyde

Last night, just as I'd switched off all the lights to hit the sack, the phone rings. (My family have impeccable timing — it's genetic.) So out I trudge to the living room to silence the thing. "Hello?" I am answered only by the sound of heavy breathing. Luckily, I recognise that breathing, so I […]