once, in flight school, i was laconic

Hands up, who remembers Snorgle? She's all of fifteen months old now, and as of a week ago she has a baby brother. I've named him Sproglet. Sprog for short. He doesn't have a bib yet, but maybe he can share his sister's, because allegedly he snorgles more than she ever did. I feel it's […]

all i have to do is hit quota, after all

I have a house full of people at the moment, all here to meet the new baby. The new baby is supremely unfazed by this, and feels sleep is the best course of action. I've heard him squall exactly once since he arrived a couple of days ago and, though he did put a scrap […]

five random things make a post

a word you never expected your aunt to know: frottage. i had a haircut three whole days ago now. i still hate it. sign of a truly bad haircut. this one's gonna take a few months to undo. is leonard cohen's "hallelujah" the most covered song ever in the history of mankind? i have twenty-seven […]

he coulda died

Meet Max: couch-goitre: The other day we had builders around, to (finally) start in on repairing the damage from the June 8 not-a-cyclone. Max did not cope well with the strange men trafficking in bangs and clatters. He had to find a secure place to hide — hence, under the couch throw. This is how […]

let me 'splain. no, there is too much: let me sum up.

Yes, this is quite possibly the most boring photo ever taken. It does, however, have the signal honour of being the first photo I took with the new digital camera. Whee! Also, it's the prize from my Christmas cracker. The little pieces and board are in fact magnetic, and the board is small enough to […]

subtle salvation in poems and prose

Digital photography. I think it's beginning to grow on me. I've never been big on taking photos. (We're talking about someone who spent six months in Europe and didn't actually change the 24-exposure film in her camera, after all.) Partly it's the film mentality of composing shots carefully so as not to waste film; partly […]

i got no time for private consultation…

Today, in a fit of my-brainpan-is-scraped-dry procrastination, I cleaned up my various IM accounts. I can't promise I'll be online or available on them with any greater frequency than before, but if you're interested you can find my various accounts listed over on my livejournal profile page. My brainpan is in fact scraped so dry […]

actually, it kinda fits

Spoke with my mother today and asked her why she didn't give me a hippie name.1 She said if she had given me a hippie name, it would have been Mudpuddle. 😐 Guess I got off lightly, all things considered. "Why didn't you call me … ?" is a favourite game of mine. I don't […]

the macrae field

While in Melbourne, I caught up with Andy, who claims he owns the most annoying cat in the world. It's a bold claim. I feel compelled to call him on it. One of his cat's less pleasant habits is sitting on his pillow, by his head, and licking his hair. This, I agree, sounds particularly […]

we now return you to your scheduled programming

Right. Hi there. This is me, marginally returned from the brink of lunacy. At least, the incidence of seagull songs seems to be decreasing, steadily if not swiftly. 1 I have mailed the manuscript to my agent and my beta readers, and threatened them with Nasty Things if they so much as think of returning […]