wordy rice!

Test your vocabulary, feed hungry people. What's not to get addicted to love about that?

'tis the season…

…to be absent from the blog. Sorry about that. I've had my head buried in fixing the plot, and that always leaves me silent. I have finished the read-through and, as I suspected, I left out half the story. (Okay, maybe not half, as such. I do like to exaggerate.) Inserting the missing half while […]

story love

Over at The Town Drunk, you'll find our January 2008 issue is live, and this one contains a story I have been keen to see hit the aether ever since I found it tucked away in our slushpile: Panko, by Zdravka Evtimova. “Come quickly, you sleeping saucepan!” Dara called me on my mobile once again. […]

actually, it kinda fits

Spoke with my mother today and asked her why she didn't give me a hippie name.1 She said if she had given me a hippie name, it would have been Mudpuddle. 😐 Guess I got off lightly, all things considered. "Why didn't you call me … ?" is a favourite game of mine. I don't […]

ay to the effin' men

As the inimitable dooce says: I guess I have to finish writing it first, and I didn't know this, but the hardest part about writing a book is ALL THOSE WORDS. The easiest part is ALL THAT DRINKING.

some days the bear wins

The words, they are hiding. So far in tonight's stint, I have managed to get my protagonist through the front door. And I'm pretty sure I'll end up cutting those words. Oy vey.

on the topic of what makes me happy

I have discovered Cyanide and Happiness: This is going to make my writing this afternoon ever so much easier. Or at least interspersed with giggles. Almost the same thing.

not waving, drowning

I am rapidly coming to the conclusion that I hate the copy-edited manuscript, and copyediting, and if I never quibble with myself again over where a comma should sit, or how best to conjugate a precise verb in a particular instance, it will be far too soon. In the meantime, have a quote I love: […]