fiction festival

I dragged myself awake at stupid o'clock this morning, to get some writing in before the dayjob. I'm sure everyone knows how hard it is to wake up while it's still dark, but let me tell you, it's much harder when you wear contact lenses. They make blinking hurt. Blinking should never hurt. Today marked […]

i am downloading like a downloading thing

A quick reminder to anyone around Sydney tomorrow that I'll be at the NSW Writers' Centre's Contemporary Fiction Festival. Due to my rather hectic and schizophrenic week, I haven't actually prepared what I'm going to say, but I'm sure I'll be brilliant. No, really. Honest. I have a gift for these things.1 This week saw […]

Signing Announcement: 27 June 2009

Have a copy of Shadow Queen you want signed? Live in (or near) Newcastle? If so, mark down Saturday 27 June 2009 in your calendar, as I'll be at Angus & Robertson Kotara from 11 am. At this stage, I have no signings organised anywhere else, but if you don't live in Newcastle and you'd […]

i have been team-built

For those of you waiting for its arrival: I haven't seen a copy myself yet, but it looks like Postscripts #18 has been released into the wild. This is the issue which features my story, "The Wages of Salt", and google alerts tells me it's made at least one good impression so far. Now, being […]

honest to goodness news

An email from my publisher today tells me that the mass market paperback version of Shadow Queen should be available for purchase before the end of the year. This means those of you who hate and loathe the trade paperback format, or don't hate it so much as think it's simply too expensive, will have […]

mark your calendars

A quick reminder for those of you in or near Newcastle this Saturday (since I'll be jumping a plane tomorrow morning and may forget to blog tomorrow) that I'm doing a signing at the Angus & Robertson at Westfield Kotara, from 11am. Come and entertain me!

i can see my future, and there are edits in it

Today I have exceedingly good news: I have sold a story to ASIM. Tentative publication date is April 2010. For those playing along at home, I wrote the first draft of this story in January 2005, during my stint at Clarion. (Actually, since it was my week one story, I probably started it, in some […]

look who's had a makeover

An email from Allen & Unwin yesterday informs me that the A format paperback1 version of Shadow Queen is back from the printers. Official publication date is 1 September 2009, which means copies should start appearing on bookshelves… well, anytime over the next few weeks, actually. Complete with the new format comes a new cover. […]

but two miles more and then we rest!

News from the powers that be at Allen & Unwin is that the publication date of Pledged, aka Matilde #2, aka the sequel to Shadow Queen, aka That Book I Have Been Studiously Pretending Does Not Exist, will now be May 2010, not March 2010. There's a few reasons for the change in schedule, not […]

me, a pen, and your books

Yup, it's a signing opportunity: When: Tuesday 22 December 2009 @ 10:30am Where: Angus & Robertson @ Westfield Kotara, Newcastle I'll be available for at least a good hour1, so if you have a copy of Shadow Queen or Postscripts #18 you'd like me to scrawl on, then stop by and entertain me. There may […]