the twelve planets, for enquiring minds

I've had a few enquiries of late about which books came before mine in the Twelve Planets series, and what exactly is the Twelve Planet series, and should I read them all?

(The short answer to this last being: yes! The slightly longer answer being: it depends on whether you want to read new things — which of course you do, right?)

I've been watching this series for so long, I sometimes forget not everyone knows about it! So for those who don't, here's the list.1

  1. Nightsiders, by Sue Isle Amazon
  2. Love And Romanpunk, by Tansy Raynor Roberts Amazon
  3. Thief of Lives, by Lucy Sussex Amazon
  4. Bad Power, by Deborah Biancotti Amazon
  5. Showtime, by Narelle Harris Amazon
  6. Through Splintered Walls, by Kaaron Warren Amazon
  7. Cracklescape, by Margo Lanagan Amazon
  8. Asymmetry, by Thoraiya Dyer Amazon
  9. Caution: Contains Small Parts, by Kirstyn McDermott Amazon
  10. The Secret Lives of Books, by Roasleen Love Amazon
  11. The Female Factory, by Lisa L. Hannett & Angela Slatter Amazon
  12. Cherry Crow Children, by Deborah Kalin Amazon
  13. The Moth Cycle, by Isobelle Caromdy (forthcoming)

I read the whole series in order in the middle of last year; this year Stephanie Gunn and Ju of The Conversationalist will be doing the same, and blogging their reviews in far more detail, one book per month. If you're interested, you can follow along at A Journey Through The Twelve Planets.

  1. Links are, for the moment at least, only to Amazon, but the books are available through other e-tailers such as Kobo and Smashwords. Paper copies for those which haven't sold out are still available from the publisher directly. Your local bricks and mortar store may or may not stock any copies, but should be able to order one in if you ask. []