a force of nature! and digitised crows!

It's officially official: Cherry Crow Children is now available as an ebook!


It should be obtainable through your ebook retailer/distributor of choice in the coming few days, or however long it takes said retailer/distributor to authorise their new content, and of course through the TPP website — so if you've been waiting and waiting for the 0s & 1s format, go forth and download to your heart's content.

This e-publication brings the Twelve Planets series to a close (well, the original vision thereof, anyway; next year there'll be a special Thirteenth Planet by Isobelle Carmody), and it's been an immense project. One I couldn't have believed, until Alisa delightfully proved me wrong, that anyone could have managed. I've loved the books that preceded mine, and I'm honoured to have my work be a part of it, a not-necessarily-always-so-quiet voice in the landscape of Australian women's speculative fiction.

ASIM61_frontcoverTo your appetite, the recently-released ASIM #61 features a glowing review:

[This is] storytelling like a force of nature…The result can be alluring, foreboding, unexpected or gruesome, at times achingly tragic, but always faithfully enacted. Kalin’s fantasy settings carry a truth that most real-world fiction fails even to aspire to, let alone attain. This does not make her stories comfortable reads, necessarily, but however bleak at times the subject matter, the richness of Kalin’s prose provides constant succour. Readers may not end up where they’d been hoping, but they’ll be glad to have gone that way. …Cherry Crow Children taps into a special darkness, Kalin guiding us with no promise of safety through woods fashioned at least in part from our own devisings.

My stories, a force of nature. I like that. (And it certainly fits with what they do to my head in the writing of them.)

Edited to Add: The retailer queues have been processed and the ebook is live! Find it at Amazon · Smashwords · Kobo