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The Wages of Salt

A quick note (while the evening is still young enough to leave me cogent) to say that I've been working, of late, on digitising a couple of stories from my backlist, since I have a handful of the critters which don't seem to fit any of the reprint markets and I don't see the value in them sitting there completely abandoned even by their author.

Last night I managed to publish the first of them: "The Wages of Salt" is now available on Smashwords.

Set in New Persia and featuring salt flats and chimaeras and archaeology, "The Wages of Salt" is actually the precursor story to my Twelve Planets collection, Cherry Crow Children. (Hence the title "The Wages of Honey" for the first story in the collection.)

Like the stories in CCC, "The Wages of Salt" tends towards the literary in style; unlike the collection, it's a younger, more forthright story. (And shorter. Distinctly shorter.) It was first published in Postscripts #18, but that is now out of print, so the Smashwords edition makes it available once again.