2014 aurealis award shortlist, featuring … me!

…AKA well, would you look at that…

Turns out "Teratogen" earned itself a spot on the Aurealis Awards shortlist for 2014, in the category of Best Fantasy Short Story!

It's an amazing shortlist, and I'm chuffed beyond measure to have written something people consider worth mentioning in the same breath as any one of the other finalists, let alone all of them.

I'm late to the news because I've had my head buried in a desperate scramble to finish the last-minute edits/proofs on my Twelfth Planet collection — this book is due to the publisher in, um, less than 8 hours and I've still got three stories to wade through for final edits/corrections etc. Talk about running right to the wire, huh?


Luckily/unluckily, the final deadline landed at precisely the same time as I packed up my little family for a beach house holiday. Unluckily because no beach for me — luckily because it means lots of non-me supervision and activity for Squawk. So while Squawk and her dad and grandparents have rambled around the town, sightseeing and shopping and discovering fresh air, I sat here, and worked. Thank all that's holy for my trusty iPod to keep me company.