be right back, reading

It was serendipity that brought me a copy of Sofia Samatar's A Stranger In Olondria. For Christmas I'd received that most beloved of gifts, a book voucher, from a store that let you spend said voucher online, no less; and I'd just recently spotted on twitter some positive reviews from friends whose tastes I trust (to either align with mine or to broaden my horizons in some way, or both). So I bought it.

YOU GUYS. I am all of one chapter in, and the language, the immediacy of the world, the way everything leaps up, glowing, off the page…

I am going to devour it whole, sooner rather than later. And then I'm going to go back and do it again, and hope I can one day write a world so evocatively.

2 thoughts on “be right back, reading

    1. Oh, so good. And after my reading drought, so good to find books that simultaneously slake and awaken my thirst for prose.

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