honesty vs openness

Death Tarot, by Stephanie Pui-Mun Law

I've been thinking, lately, about honesty and openness, and how that pertains to my blog.

I am always honest; I am not necessarily always entirely open.

That should be no surprise. This blog is a public space, and I aspire to behave professionally in public spaces, so I don't, for example, allow myself to be a prat. I'm also a pathological introvert, who can take the concept of me-time and privacy to a rather extreme degree. So there are things I won't share online, because they don't belong here, or because I don't want to be cavalier about the privacy of others.

But lately I've been thinking that some part of my approach is actually just … bad habit. More and more, it's come to feel as if I'm hiding. I don't talk about what's important to me, I avoid talk of politics or feminism or religion — for fear of alienating people, for fear of speaking clumsily, for fear of claiming space for myself. For fear. Then, when things go wrong, or life happens, I can't post because I can't talk about them, which simply contributes to the stigma keeping me silent in the first place.

I'm not sure what the finer points of my new approach will be. I'm not going to change my personal rules on behaving professionally in public spaces. But I am going to experiment with pushing my boundaries of what is and isn't private.

4 thoughts on “honesty vs openness

  1. One can tell a little from your twitter stream, you know — in what you RT especially… I know what you mean though, about sharing thoughts on the 'big stuff'. I have big opinions and emotions often founded on not enough actual knowledge. So I tend not to blog on the big issues for fear of sounding like a nuff nuff.

    1. Yeah, I do think my twitter stream is a little more open. It's perhaps easier, over there, because twitter has a greater sense of ephemerality about it.

      And you're exactly right, not wanting to be an uninformed numpty is another reason I delay. (I think the internet can favour and foster celebrity-due-to-being-opinionated.) Sometimes I research/ponder, fully intending to post on the big issues later, but time constraints and delay all sort of combine to sap any urgency from the topic and then it slides. But other times I'm just utterly silenced and muted by fear, and I'd like to reduce those instances.

      1. It's definitely time — all that research and constructing eloquent informed posts takes so much time… Much better to use those scarce windows of opportunity to writing what really matters. 🙂

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