i just wish she'd get the hang of sleep

Apparently if you want free stuff, being born is an awesome tactic.

Below is (most) everything that Squawk received, from people other than her parents, to celebrate her arrival. There are a couple of outfits missing on account of being in the wash or on said squawker, and I should add that I only included the brand-new stuff bought or made for her (which includes the very-effectively-obscured quilt upon which it's all sitting…), not any of the hand-me-downs.


I can't believe how awesome her wardrobe is now. Between the trilobite t-shirt, the world's smallest ugg boots, booties knitted in the shape of Mary Janes, and a rocking dress made and purchased in Zimbabwe, she is one styling babe.

(I apologise to all gift-givers in advance on her behalf, and assure you the spit-up she will inevitably deposit on said wardrobe items does not reflect her opinion of them.)

The dress from Zimbabwe. Wish it came in my size!
The dress from Zimbabwe. Wish it came in my size!

Somewhat to my shock, it's been three and a half weeks since she first arrived, and I won't bore you all with the banalities. It's all the predictable stuff, anyway. She's learnt that she doesn't need to keep her limbs tucked so hard into her torso that she most closely resembles a soccer ball; she pulls incredibly entertaining faces; she refuses to pay attention to my diurnal rhythms; and she's bigger. Mostly in the skull. Seriously, this child has the world's thickest, heaviest skull. The Kalin skull. Quite frankly, I pity the walls she's going to ram it against in her lifetime.

I will say this, though: no one warned me about the heavy breathing, or the STARING. She does this thing when she's hungry where she breathes like Dana-possessed-by-Zool in Ghostbusters. Turns out babies are creepy — who knew?

Hopefully not too ambitiously, I've started, just this week, trying to write some little thing every day — a journal entry, a stream of consciousness, some brainstorming or a blog post; anything, really. I'm going to need (read: I want) to start work on my Twelve Planets collection sooner rather than later, so I want to start gearing my brain and her routine up to let me squeeze some writing time in. Or writing times, rather, as I suspect all my writing for the foreseeable future will be snatched in five or ten minute blocks here or there.

Eh, it's a learning curve and an experiment all at the same time. With a little luck, we'll get the hang of each other soon.

6 thoughts on “i just wish she'd get the hang of sleep

  1. See? I told you giraffes were trendy for squawks these days…!
    Fab to hear you've picked up the pen again. Good luck hauling in some time for you.

    1. Oh, I never doubted you!

      So far my efforts have resulted in two journal entries and this post, but it's a start.

  2. Re: The Staring.
    It's impressive just how early our brains have the sense that eye contact is the right way to establish communication, isn't it?

  3. Holy drap, look at that stash! Is she big enough to wear any of it yet?
    Ditto with Ellen on the writing and the time stealing. You too have the Kalin skull. 😉

    1. She's such a shortie she's still in 0000s (but probably only for another week). So yeah, most of her stash is waiting waiting waiting for her to grow into it.

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