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and then, abruptly and yet not…there were three

You guys, I totally grew a whole new person.

And then the hospital just let me walk out with it. A human being! I didn't even have to sign any paperwork promising not to be reckless. (Surreal. Don't they know I'm not exactly competent at this gig?) I just packed up my bags, which suddenly included a squirming creature, and walked out of there. It totally felt like stealing, but nobody batted an eye.

So far, we've discovered she's inherited my rock-hard skull,1 the pterosaur's jiggles and wriggles, and on the she never had a chance score, since apparently both the pterosaur and I displayed the same behaviour as bubs, a habit of sleeping longer and deeper than normal babies. Bonus! Oh, and as you can see from the last photo, she's definitely inherited my sleeping-brow-of-doom.




The photos are from yesterday, at approximately 24 hours old. We reckon she's pretty awesome, and since she was born 2 days after Christmas and doesn't cry,2 we've decided to nickname her in honour of our favourite Christmas viewing: say hello then to John McClane.3

  1. This is no surprise to me, having had the thing grinding into my pelvis of late []
  2. Seriously. At one hour old she had two injections and responded with only a single indignant squawk and blink. At 48 hours old she had a heel prick and slept through it. []
  3. Other names so far include The Baggage, obviously, and The Minion. Kinda fond of the latter, I must admit. []

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    1. Thanks! And yes, the clamouring for pics was getting dangerous. I can't believe how "hectic" just trying to get to the internet feels when you have a newborn.

    1. Very much MiniMe – I'm hoping she has some of her dad's more flexible and adaptable personality, for both her and my sake ๐Ÿ˜‰

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