Continuum 8, the podcast, and me

Continuum 8: was awesome. My personal experience of it involved good intentions of arriving on time; a complete inability to actually carry out those good intentions; boggling at popularity of the TPP Hour; drinks at the bar; dissolving into a panicky mess on learning that the Embiggen podcast would involve me actually having to speak, interview-style; turning up to said podcast anyway; managing to speak at least without stammering; simultaneously terrifying Alisa into believing that I'm paralysed by performance anxiety; remembering/rediscovering what a friendly con means; more drinks at the bar; lunches and dinners with people who speak my kind of shit; and yet more drinks at the bar.

For those of you interested in listening to the Twelfth Planet podcast at Embiggen Books, it's now live at The Writer and the Critic.1

Join host Ian Mond as he interviews Twelve Planet authors Deborah Biancotti, Narrelle M. Harris, Deborah Kalin, Margo Lanagan, Rosaleen Love, Kirstyn McDermott, Tansy Rayner Roberts, Lucy Sussex and Kaaron Warren, along with publisher Alisa Krasnostein. It's a fun, informal conversation which — and this is how you know it's not an official Writer and Critic episode — goes for less than 50 minutes! You're welcome.

It was great fun to record, and absolutely fascinating to get an insight into everyone else's collections, actual or still planned, so it's well worth the listen. My own collection is still very much nebulous, so there's no much to glean about the stories I'll produce, but you do get an insight into how I work: namely, panicked.

  1. A live recording of The Writer & The Critic featuring Alison Goodman and Kelly Link was one of the few panels I actually managed to attend during the con, and it was a highly entertaining experience. Highly recommended! []

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