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Sale to TPP!

I have a confession to make: for a couple of months now, I've had some Good News that I've not been able to share. And by good news, I mean KERMIT-FLAILINGLY AWESOME NEWS!

It has been very difficult not to share this news with you all, and I feel most strongly that you should all admire my stoic moral character as a consequence.

But now the news is out:

Twelfth Planet Press is delighted to announce that fantasy author Deborah Kalin has joined the Twelve Planets series with a collection featuring her beautifully horrific story, “Wages of Honey”.


This is a dream come true for me. Twelfth Planet Press has been producing some breathtaking work, and almost as soon as I heard about the Twelve Planets series I wanted to be a part of it. I still can't quite believe that it's happening.

"The Wages of Honey" (aka the thorn girls story) cost me not a little pain in the making, and ended up at a difficult length. And thank all that's holy that it did, because if it hadn't been so demanding, and so awkward and defiant a length, I might not have loved it so fiercely that only the very best home for it would do. I submitted it to TPP almost in spite of myself: it fit their brief so perfectly that, even though I didn't have any stories to accompany it, and even though TPP didn't publish single stories, and even though the Twelve Planet series was full at that stage, I just had to.

To my delight, Alisa also felt that my story had come home to roost with her press, and so I'm now hard at work writing three more equally awkward and defiant stories to match and accompany "The Wages of Honey" in what will be my first collection.

(I can't believe I just wrote that. I'm going to have a collection to my name! It's like I'm a real author or something!)

I don't have a title for the collection yet, but I can tell you that two of the three in-progress stories have titles. (This is unusual for me, to have a title before a story.)

They're going to be called "The Briskwater Mare", and "The Cherry Crow Children of Haverny Wood".1

  1. Unless they're not. []

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  1. Thanks Ellen! I have a secret fondness for the titles, too — if only because they arrived before the stories. That never happens for me.

  2. AAAAAHHHH!!!! I need to be able to html the comments field to make this AAAAAHHHH!!!!!!! bigger BECAUSE CAPS IS NOT ENOUGH AAAAAHHHHH!!!

    Also those titles!
    Also hurry up so I can read them!

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