in which my to-read stack … expands

One thing that putting up links to Aussie women authors is achieving: my book hunger is breaking through my savings. I have purchased 16 books in the past three weeks, 15 of which are authored by women. Not all of them by Aussie women, since when my book hunger broke its bonds I remembered all the books I'd coveted at WFC and there was simply no resisting all the pretty.

The other thing it does is staccato-ise my twitter feed. I get one tweet in, spot a name, and have to jot it down on my list to research. Women: there be a lot of you.

And in more whimsical news: an interview I participated in a while back is now up in Romanian. It's almost like I speak another language, without even knowing.

2 thoughts on “in which my to-read stack … expands

  1. I am deeply sympathetic to your TBR pile. Mine is now… less a pile than it is a table covered in piles. I'd take a photo, but there's so many books, I'd have to move half of them onto the floor so the back rows were visible.

    In other news: woo yeah bookness! I REGRET NOTHING.

  2. I was doing so well on the TBR pile … but mostly, I have to admit, because finances and time poverty made it difficult to read. But lately I'm just hungry for the words. Although I do cringe at the thought of carrying all these books down two flights of stairs when I move .. eep!

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