330k words and still the woman is silent. Characters!

Today's walk home brought me rain (and therefore a fetching dampened-rat hairstyle), and the opening and closing lines of a new novel. Which are perfect.

(Which is not to say they won't change, although I do have a feeling they'll only be edited for precision/word choice, but more to say that it opens and closes the main character's arc and gives me that arc all in two simple sentences.)


I guess this is how I know I really must be close to finishing the faerie novel, no matter how otherwise it might seem. And it really doesn't feel anywhere near finished since I realised yesterday that, 105k words in, my main character still hasn't chased anything for herself yet. Er, oops?

So yesterday I had to forego wordcount in order to trawl through the manuscript for all her POV scenes. And tonight I am going to trawl the internet and rack my brain for narrative structures dealing with conspiracy plots and accidental heroes and storylines where a veritable stuffstorm explodes on an unsuspecting person.

Any suggestions?