oh for aircon

One of the things I'd like to do more of in 2012 is blog, or at least blog more routinely. For a variety of reasons, not the least of which is that this website needs a serious overhaul to enable me to easily dash off quick or brief posts, lately all my posts have been long or in-depth or emotionally weighty affairs. That starts to drag after a while.

Forty minutes later and one of the major culprits standing between me and a quick post, namely a default featured image, is … well, not fixed to my liking, but there's a band-aid in place. That will do for the short-term. It will have to. Given my tendency to manufacture projects on which I can spend weeks procrastinating, I'm rather proud of myself for going for the band-aid solution. And for waiting until I'd gotten today's wordcount before attempting it. (Well, I got wordcount on one of my two projects, at least.)

Now, I'm off to get wordcount on the other project. And to kvetch about the weather. Which looks like this:

2 thoughts on “oh for aircon

    1. Take it back. For the love of wintry things, take even just 5° off me. A quarter after 11pm and we're still at 36°C. Ugh.

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