in which the linkable kindle list is born

The laundry sink is backed up, so there's been no washing for over a week now, which has forced a little ingenuity and/or creativity into this week's wardrobe choices. If I were rich, I could afford to live somewhere that had, oh, I don't know, working taps. It's the little things, eh?

Anyway! I have not been idle!

After much trawling for solutions that would allow me to add links (simply and with a minimum of headache) to the list of australian women writers on Kindle, I believe I have at last hit upon a solution. I have therefore set up a page: Australian Women Writers on Kindle.

It's currently not optimised, display-wise, and the list only has those whose names I've managed to collect links for1, but it will grow, link by link and name by name, as I add to it in dribs and drabs over the coming evenings.

The names are sorted into sub-lists of genres (contemporary, historical, romance, speculative fiction, non fiction, memoir) and format (novels and anthologies) — which is broad, but I figured part of the fun of a reading challenge is finding something outside your comfort zone.

And now, it's totally time for a pizza dinner.

  1. if your name, or the name of the author you think is missing, is not on this page but is on the blog post of the initial response, then I'm working on adding it []