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Yesterday I foolishly put a call out for Aus/NZ female writers who have work available on the Kindle, as part of the Australian Women Writers 2012 challenge.

It is fair to say I have not been able to keep up with the response.

Originally I'd intended to go through and present the names in a lovely collated list complete with links to authors' websites and their kindle-edition books. But so far I haven't even had a chance to do more than the most cursory of vetting of names — and, too, I figure it's better to get the list out sooner rather than never.

So, while with time I still plan to go through and sort by genre, and add links and book info (maybe a goodreads shelf?), for now: a very bare-bones list of Aus/NZ women writers, for your reading/researching pleasure.

Goldie Alexander
Belinda Alexandra
Jo Anderton

Philippa Ballantine
Patricia Bernard
Deborah Biancotti
Laura Bloom
Honey Brown
Alyssa Brugman
Frances Burke

Lindy Cameron
Trudi Canavan
Leslie Cannold
Isobelle Carmody
Lisa Clifford
Claire Corbett
Denise Covey
Sandy Curtis
Alison Croggon

Rowena Cory Daniells
Cecilia Dart-Thornton
Marianne de Pierres
Joy Dettman
Sara Douglass
Felicity Dowker

Hazel Edwards
Jennifer Fallon
Phillipa Fioretti
Elaine Forrestal
Kate Forsyth

Sulari Gentill
Andrea Goldsmith
Alison Goodman
Janet Gover
Posie Graeme-Evans
Kerry Greenwood
Kate Grenville

Lisa Hannett
Donna Hanson
Narelle Harris
Rhiannon Hart
Karen Healey
Lian Hearn
Lisa Heidke
Talie Helene
Nette Hilton

Anna Jacobs
Linda Jaivin
Patty Jansen
Myfanwy Jones
Toni Jordan

Deborah Kalin
Leah Kaminsky
Phyllis King

Margo Lanagan
Glenda Larke
Stephanie Laurens
Julia Leigh
Gabrielle Lord
Helen Lowe

Bren MacDibble
Melina Marchetta
Juliet Marillier
Sophie Masson
Colleen McCullough
Kirstyn McDermott
Fiona McGregor
Monica McInerny
Fiona McIntosh
Maggie McKellar
Juliet McKenna
Foz Meadows
Gillian Mears
Hazel Menehira
Jennifer Mills
Liane Moriarty
Kate Morton
Nicole Murphy

Malla Nunn

Kate Orman
Caroline Overington

Amanda Pillar
Gillian Pollack

Tansy Rayner Roberts
Sally Rippin
Jane Routley
Penni Russon

Angela Savage
Mandy Sayer
Katherine Scholes
Jessica Shirvington
Angela Slatter
Cat Sparks
Lucy Sussex

Anna Tambour
Rachael Treasure

Mary Victoria

Kaaron Warren
Kim Westwood
Felicity White
Anne Whitfield
Kim Wilkins
Lili Wilkinson
Janet Woods
A.K. Wrox

NOTE: The names listed have, in most cases, been volunteered on behalf of the author. If you spot something incorrect — or think someone is missing from this page (as there undoubtedly is!) — please email me with the correct information, including any appropriate links. Thanks!

5 thoughts on “aus/nz women writers on kindle

  1. On a related note I have been wondering how many Aussie authors are self publishing successfully on the kindle. Where success might be defined as making a couple of $1000 in sales.

    Outside of America the much mentioned success of self published over legacy doesn't seem to hold true. Some of the women on that list are seasoned, fantastic writers so the write something good part of the equation is done.

  2. Yes, I think the sheer enormity of the market in America contributes to the success of self-pubbed over legacy in a way that other, smaller, markets can never emulate. The old if 1 million people gave $1 each only works if you have 1 million people in your market, right?

    And I thought about Amazon lists, too — makes sense, since we're talking Kindle, after all — but wasn't sure if lists were number-limited or not. Will need to investigate.

  3. While I'm one of your Kindle e-published co- authors via mainstream/American print & e publishers e.g. 'Difficult Personalities' published by Penguin/The Experiment in USA and 'f2m'the boy within'( /Amazon ) I also have Australian junior mystery series and performance scripts books from my own site and via Australian distributors. e.g. The Aussie Heroes series by New Frontier which includes Sir Edward Weary Dunlop and Fred Hollows and some women like Dame Nellie Melba and Mary Mc Killop (which i didn't write). Hopefully more female heroes soon.My 'Writing a Non Boring Family History' sells as an e-book from my own site but the print GHR publisher also sells it in both formats.
    Some of my children's picture books like 'PLato the Platypus Plumber ( part-time) are now translated and available as e-books on Amazon.
    Another variable to consider is the monopoly by Overdrive the USA distributor who provides e-books to Australian and other libraries, via an expensive licence which deters buying local e books. and check the online bookstore fro e-book links.

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