oh, the places i've seen!

Full travel stories (with pictures) will come in time, but by way of a quick run-down I have, in the past two and a half months: climbed mountains, hiked glaciers, seen movie stars at work (Bollywood and Hollywood), traipsed medieval city walls, read a Dr Suess poem at a wedding, dared the interior of mountains to see corkscrew waterfalls and limestone caverns, watched horses perform ballet born of battle, visited no less than 3 zoos, watched a marabou perform one of the most spectacular (and creepy) territorial dances in the animal kingdom, saw a baby sloth demonstrate his version of energetic behaviour, swum in the Adriatic, discovered exactly how agonising a pebble beach really is on the feet, seen a pangolin, witnessed my very first hummingbird, ate my first ever bagel, attended World Fantasy (during which there was much alcohol, traipsing around various room parties, Twister, swimming, and said first bagel; but very little actual panel attendance…), glimpsed the marvellously heart-rending New York City, and read books without worrying about the time (oh glorious indulgence!).

Oh, and I watched a frightening number of movies. Seriously. With the amount of time I've spent on planes in the past few months, there've been movies. Lots of movies. And most of them terrible. Let's not talk about it, shall we? I'll take that one for the team. (You're welcome.)

also i saw (more than one!) marmot in the wild. i don't think any of them had the plague.