day twelve (and I'm hungry)

So here I am in Salzburg, in a funky guesthouse with a self-service check in/out process, a Moroccan garden and common room, a donation-kitchen (to benefit Tibetan orphanages), free wifi (hence the update), and I'm staying in the Marco Polo room. Oh, and it's literally around the corner from Mozart's house.


Salzburg already gets points for quirk factor.

Switzerland was wondrous, the wedding went off without a hitch, and as a bonus I didn't get lost and die beside the Aletsch glacier. Yay! (Well, ok, technically I would never have been lost-lost, what with the glacier being right there, but still. My point remains. Whatever it was.)

More complete stories will have to wait until I'm back in Terra Australis, but in the meantime I'm hoping fun and shenanigans are being had in my absence.

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    1. Ha! Oddly, Austrians seemed largely unaware of the fame of that movie. I did spend a large portion of my time in Salzburg trying to spot filmic locales, but the effort was marred by my poor memory…

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