whilesoever the second is true, it outweighs the first

Things that suck about being a writer:

  • You can never find (enough) time to write.
  • You can never find (enough) time to get anything done as thoroughly as you'd like.
  • You carry a vague and incessant guilt with you everywhere, for: stealing time to write; not writing every second you find you have spare; promising yourself you'd get three pages but only managing two, or one; neglecting the vacuuming; neglecting your friends; insert reason here.
  • You don't understand the phrase "time off".
  • People will think you're joking about not understanding the phrase "time off".
  • Remuneration. Even if you get some, chances are it's so small it redefines the term "pittance".
  • Remuneration. Even if it's not a (writer's version of a) pittance, nobody but you will see the years of work that went into earning that apparently-impressive amount which is, on a dollar per hour basis, a pittance.
  • You compare yourself to other people in unrealistic — not to mention unhealthy — ways.
  • You cannot, even if you do write fast, write fast enough.
  • Loved ones will urge you to put off today's writing "just this once", blithely unaware that they are not the only ones urging that on any given day. You will blame yourself for the discord caused by saying no to them.
  • You have those days when you doubt not just your stories, but your very self. Because you've taken such a huge gamble, and wandered so far out the branch beneath you has turned into a twig, those doubts are damn scary ones.
  • You watch writers get published and writers fail to get published, and there is no pattern, no clear line that puts the good ones in one camp and the mediocre in the other. This is both terrifying and comforting. But mostly terrifying.

Things that are awesome about being a writer:

  • You write. It's incomparable.

The funny thing, it's not like I've been toying lately with the idea of not writing. Far from it! Oh, I've had my flirtations with that thought, in my time, but not lately. Yet this is the list that poured out when I sat down to the blog today.

I guess I needed the reminder.

6 thoughts on “whilesoever the second is true, it outweighs the first

    1. Heh. Well, yes, that is part of what makes writing awesome. And a large part, at that. But restricting it just to the storytelling / creativity excludes some of the other aspects that I love. Like the physical act of scribbling words on paper (or banging away at the keyboard), for example. Or all the musing and attention-paying that goes on before the writing even starts.

  1. What a wonderful blog. A friend forwarded it to me this evening, and I have shared with my various writer groups. You really touched me, THANK YOU

    1. Hi Mona, please forgive my tardy response, have been sans Internet this weekend, but just wanted to say thanks for your comment. Glad you found something helpful!

  2. Enjoyed your inner thoughts. And I agree. The guilt causes me to sneak. And sneaking, actually is fun. It's a positive side of a negative one. And sometimes, I go on a date: to write. My family understands dating. THey encourage getting out every once in a while. That makes the writing forbidden and sensual. Either way, it's nice to know someone feels the same way. Thanks.

    1. Hi Sarah, sorry for the delayed response, have been without Internet this weekend. I like the idea of a writing date – I used to meet up with some writing friends of mine to do something similar. And a lot of folks are starting to have writing date hangouts on G+, I see, although I haven't tried that myself yet. I'm lucky in that my partner not only understands my need to write, but actively values and supports it – don't know how I'd cope otherwise!

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