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Plitvice lakes

Croatia is, well, it's partially booked, and the rest of it is planned. That totally counts as progress. I'm going to be seeing Zagreb, the UNESCO listed Plitvice Lakes, and the Dalmatian coast. This strikes me as a most excellent way of spending some time.

This weekend I also managed to book my flights to America for WFC 2011. Yet more progress!

In more ephemeral progress, I've also been pondering the thornsome dilemma that is social media. There is, quite simply, too much of it.

I like blogging for the fact that it's my website, and my voice, and I like the space you get in blog posts, both writing them and reading them. Conversely, I like Twitter for its immediacy, and for its ephemeral, thrown-off nature. I don't like Facebook — too much noise to signal, and the platform makes it impossible to filter content from chatter. I have a Goodreads account, but I can't remember the last time I found time to log in. I'm on Google+, which I like better than Facebook if only for its more easily-accessible privacy and filtering utilities, but it does feel like yet another platform I'm supposed to keep up with. Yet another platform where I have to face the dilemma of whether I cross-post, and commit the sin of forcing people who are following me on more than the one platform to trawl through duplicate content, or whether I strive to come up with original content for just this platform…

It's frustrating, because I enjoy the interaction, but the time consumption and the fragmented concentration is simply too draining.

So I am hereby giving myself permission to say that two social media platforms is my limit. For now that's my blog, and twitter. I'll still lurk on the other platforms, but I won't be logging in unless they demand my attention.

I think this also counts as progress.

9 thoughts on “social networking overload

  1. Both WFC and the Europe trip should be awesome! I was going to ask if you were going anywhere near Prague on this trip, but since WFC2011 is 27th-30th Oct, I guess it doesn't matter – since that's when I'm going to be in Prague anyway 🙂

    I know what you mean about FB/Twitter/Blog/G+/etc. I don't think we've reached the end of the set yet either. I like the way that G+ combines aspects of both FB and Twitter, depending on how you publish stuff. It doesn't really capture the transient feel of Twitter though.

  2. I like the potential in G+ – but mostly I like that it's not FB, and it doesn't suffer from the same vacuity. I wonder how long that can last, however…

  3. Gee thanks Deb. Just say what you really mean.

    "I wonder how long that can last, however…. now that you're on there, Jan'


  4. You wrote:
    This weekend I also managed to book my flights to America for WFC 2011

    Yay! I finally get to see you and chat with you again, in person, as I will also be at WFC 2011. I don't have my flight, yet, but soon! See you there, and enjoy Croatia.

  5. So I shouldn't reciprocate and add you to my Writers circle, Deb? That's a shame, because I was delighted you added me to yours. I do understand, though. I've put Facebook on a one month hiatus while I figure out if I'll miss it. I expect Google+ followers to double the number of FB followers I have in the next few days. For writers, that's a powerful marketing reach.

    I agree about the happy casualness of Twitter, though. It doesn't take as much thought to post to as Google+ sometimes does. I'd like to replace everything else (bar my blog) with Google+ to be honest, but have to wait until it has the same market share as the others.

    1. Hi Lia,

      I must admit I'm very curious to see what G+ turns into – I think it could be somewhere I'll enjoy – and I've been logging in to lurk. I like how easy it is to filter content for what interests me.

      I've put FB on a hiatus as well – and don't miss it in the least.

      I only hope G+ doesn't become as convoluted and aggressively lacking in content as I found FB in general.

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