like the pensive penguin

Complain that you hate your novel, and the internet gives you possible explanations.

First it was a post by Clarissa Draper on writer's block boredom, and coping therewith1 which made me realise I was bored. Oh, of COURSE. To be fair, I've never written to an outline before, precisely because every time I try I end up being bored, and I thought my current level of boredom was "just" because of the outline, not due to the trudgery, gotta-get-through-this-detail bit of the narrative.

To counter my boredom, I have decided to kill off a (very nice) priest, which is helping to liven things up a little.

After that, it was Rowena's post on narrative structure, linking to a discussion of linear and patterned structure by Jennifer Crusie, and that got me to wondering whether the faerie novel was supposed to be patterned rather than linear… (For the record, I don't think it is. At all, in fact. But at least it got me thinking, and I'm sure an awareness of the pattern and shape hanging above all this detail I'm currently trudging through can't hurt. And I have a feeling that, while I'm writing the bits I know linearly, I'm still going to be mulling over the larger structure for a while to come.) Like the pensive penguin I am.

Then I spent Saturday, in a random and unexpected turn of events, totally and utterly neglecting ignoring resting from my writing, including attending a party where all and sundry fondly chastised me for never taking weekends off and made me promise to schedule some downtime into my routine. I interpreted this as permission to spend Sunday totally and utterly resting from my writing. And it was glorious. And included chocolate-covered peanuts.

So. The internet/universe, it turns out, is listening. Even if it doesn't always look that way. Because the internet/universe is a bit creepy that way.

(Dear internet/universe, I would really appreciate it if my neck and shoulder muscles did not ache all. the. time. (And no fair just shifting the ache somewhere else.) Just putting that out there.)

(Also, while you're at it, I want a pterosaur of my very own. No particular rush.)

  1. I really have spent too long in the dayjob. The lawyers always put there before every preposition, whether it belongs or not, and I've fallen into the same habit because I have to argue back using their own language. Therewith. Thereto. Therein. Thereat. Therebetween. That last one doesn't even exist! Lawyers, do you SEE the perversions you make me practice upon the English language? I will never forgive you. []

4 thoughts on “like the pensive penguin

  1. Perhaps Pensive Penguin should follow the example of Reposing Penguin more often(the one in the background.) 😉

  2. Heh. You'll be happy to know I did quite a lot of emulating Reposing Penguin this weekend gone by. And today, for that matter. On the whole, I do approve of Reposing Penguin's strategy.

  3. You have a really nice blog here. Someone told me you mentioned my article and I had to look you up. It's very nice to meet you. I hope you solve your writing dilemma soon.

    1. Hi Clarissa, and thanks! So far I've managed to at least ameliorate it by killing off a character. The other thing that's helped (at least so far) is changing my writing routine – I've started writing in the (freezing cold) morning again, instead of the afternoon, so that I'm not exhausted from work.

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