the exotic made familiar

These little guys were everywhere in Mongolia. Mostly they came out at dawn and dusk and fled at sight of people, in a strange bounding, dashing gait. I remember being woken one morning by a stream of angry chittering: we'd staked our tent so that the stay-rope interfered with his favourite exit.

We nicknamed them the mighty marmots, but only because we didn't see any real marmots. In reality he's a gerbil.

Why this spate in travel photos? Because tomorrow I'm booking plane fares for my next trip. Which will not be as exotic as Mongolia — Switzerland is far more … trodden — but it will not be here and it will involve MOUNTAINS. Huzzah mountains!

2 thoughts on “the exotic made familiar

  1. Have a great time in Switzerland when you get there. Fancy hotels etc just don't compare to our camping adventure last year in Mongolia though.

    1. Terri! How are you? Planning any more enviable trips? I'm planning on spending at least one night in Switzerland in a barn. Keeping it faux-real.

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