your mission for sunday: stare at the screen

Today I am full of yearning.

It's been too long since I travelled; I've forgotten the feel of an open sky. There are plans … not in place, but at least taking shape, for the next trip; but they won't come to fruition for months. MONTHS. All I can do is flick through my pictures of Mongolia and Bhutan and promise/remind myself there will be mountains before the year's end.

(I love Melbourne, but I must admit to missing hills. Australia doesn't really do mountains, not by a world scale, but Melbourne takes that to ridiculous extremes and while that can be great for walking everywhere it's not great for getting my lungs somewhere they can feel swept clean of cobwebs.)

The next trip is going to be Switzerland — or rather, it shall start in Switzerland. That part has been set by a friend's wedding. The rest, though, is yet to be determined. I'm tempted to head east to Vienna, then south to Croatia through Slovenia. What do you recommend, my better-travelled blog people? Have you been over that way? What should I know about, so I don't miss it?

In the meantime, my weekends will consist of the usual staring contest between my and my brain.

thorn girls: a battle of wills, wordcount, and attrition

11 thoughts on “your mission for sunday: stare at the screen

  1. Hello my lovely! You don't say how long you plan to be away so I've put together some ideas…After Switzerland, I think you should indeed head to Vienna and Croatia (never been there myself but plan to) and then catch the ferry to Venice (stay in the outskirts of the town and bus/train in as accommodation can get expensive) then take the train to Milan. Day trips will have you seeing lake Como, Cinque Terre and Portofino. A further train down to Rome would be fantastic (get a month long Euro train pass as it's cheaper). Then I reakon you should go to Greece…Athens is not too exciting once you've been to Plaka and seen the Acropolis so head to Santorini and Corfu for some fabulous r & r! x

  2. I've changed my mind…go to Greece after Croatia then take Ferry to Venice…much better!

  3. @Bob: I like the way you think! I was thinking of ducking over to Greece. I'll only be away for 4 weeks or so, and don't want to cram so much in that I start missing things, but at this stage the Dalmatian coast is looking pretty damn irresistible.

    @Denise/Coral: I keep a tally of words written per project on any given day. That spreadsheet up there is for the thorn girls short story — it insists on progressing in dribs and drabs, much to my frustration. And the wedding is for Miss Jiffy.

  4. rofl. Debs I NEED you and your calming voice there.

    Or I'll end up at the interlaken hooters in my wedding dress.

    Don't make me.

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