what i saw at the zoo, by deb. aged … more than five.

post-coital primate

Too much empathy and not enough scientific detachment, I know, but I can't help but anthropormorphise this chap.

Dear Monkey: if you're disconsolate (or even just bored) afterwards? You're doing it wrong.

5 thoughts on “what i saw at the zoo, by deb. aged … more than five.

  1. oh yeah baby.

    it was … quite perfunctory, actually. energetic, at least on his part. or maybe that was just rhythm. hard to say.

    afterwards, she … wiped herself and licked her fingers clean.

  2. Alternative interpretation: If you *don't* miss it a little afterward, then it can't have been very good, and you're probably not doing it right 😉

  3. @Andrew: or maybe blondes just aren't his type, and he'd really like them to put a non-blonde girl in his enclosure.

    @Jan: ha! you're a silver lining kind of boy, aren't you? i can tell.

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