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Today, since I may or may not be staring down the barrel of moving in the near future1 I was inspired to get around to cleaning out the filing cabinet. Or at least make some significant headway on it. Well, when I say cleaning out I mean to say I stared at it. And sorta dug about in it. A bit. (What? It counts!)

Which is how I stumbled across my school reports. Back to primary school, no less. I didn't know I owned these, let alone kept them.

I can't decide which is my favourite. Could it be Trying hard in the arts? Heh. Trying hard. That's a kind way of telling a parent your kid has all the artistic ability of an elephant with an amputated trunk. On smack.

Or perhaps it's the Not an enthusiastic sports participant. Yeah, I hated sports as a kid. Actually, that's not entirely true: what I hated (and still hate) is to be forced to participate. Mandatory team-building? Can bite me.

In the end, though, I think I have to award the winner's badge to the comment under Personal Development: Doesn't smile a lot.

Aww. So sad.2

  1. Oh hi, rent hike. No, you haven't landed yet, but yes, I sense your presence. []
  2. Don't worry, Mr Kearney. I smile more now. []

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