i for one applaud your effort, sir

There is, near my work, an odd little lane affording free parking (and therefore choked with cars by about 7.30 a.m.) and access to the foot-and-rail bridge which is the quickest way across the river from work.

It runs at the foot of the embankment holding up the rail lines, so along with cars it's also choked with weeds, graffiti, and discarded televisions. (This last bemuses me, and I'm at a loss to explain precisely why, but there really is an inordinate amount of abandoned televisions in this lane.)

And I'm guessing it's a relic of Valentine's Day, but yesterday when I wandered up this odd little lane I found notes tacked to the walls. Probably above where she parks.

Clearly he's a man who has his priorities in order.

3 thoughts on “i for one applaud your effort, sir

  1. Those signs were put up for valentines morning and they went all the way from the stairs on the rail bridge on the other side of the river. Some of the were rippers like "I like to watch you sleep" eww! Also the abandoned tv phenomenon is not isolated to that lane, they're everywhere. People can't give old tvs away to the friends/relatives anymore because no one wants CRTs anymore when they can have a flat screen.

    1. @squeakad: I like to watch you sleep? oh, ew! creepy much? and I know what you mean re the CRTs – I have one, soon to be two, that I have no idea what to do with. perhaps I'll donate them to the laneway.

      @Cristina: anyone with a continual stash of chocolate on hand is my kind of person too!

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