i asked him for a title and all he said was: i see…

What to say about today?

Mostly I worked on the thorn girls story (which is now 2 pages longer, bringing the tally up to 46 pages — I live in a dreamworld in that I still hope, despite all evidence and rationality to the contrary, that it will shrink to a manageable length some time very soon). Today's efforts involved killing a character with sudden violence, a little bit of blood, and a lot of ennui. This, I think, is a worthy enough effort for now. It's an effort that cost me some seven cups of tea, at a conservative estimate. However much Earl Grey a human body can stand before the brain begins to pickle in the tannins, I think I've had one sip less than that.

I also attempted to minimise the STUFF I own. It just accumulates despite my best efforts. I've hatched a daring new tactic: if I sell its breeding grounds, the drawers and empty surfaces and nooks and crannies otherwise known as my desk and filing cabinet, then I might be able to wipe out this infestation right proper. Or at least cut it back to non-plague levels. (Anyone want a desk? Or filing cabinet? C'mon. Save me from ebay.) So far I've managed to throw out a lot of ink-less pens I apparently thought would be worth hoarding in case of apocalypse. (What? They'd make excellent dart-blowers. I could sit on my balcony poison-darting all those zombies jostling three floors below. It would be sport and entertainment at the same time!)

I also realised, for the zillionth time this past four weeks, that despite knowing there are hot cross buns available for delicious purchase right now, I have (STILL) yet to buy any.

This has got to change. And HOW.