by definition: a crush must hurt

The mighty Tessa pointed out this snippet of street art to me not long after I moved down here, and I've loved it ever since. I particularly love the gleeful face it's paired with. Cos those crushes, my friend: they're going to hurt you every which way 'til Sunday, but you'll still welcome it. At least in part.

2 thoughts on “by definition: a crush must hurt

  1. There's a piece of toilet-door graffiti in our local pub that says:

    "I love you to bits and pieces. Like a madman."

    Which is really sort of beautiful, I think.

  2. Lovely! (And also, potentially, a little bit creepy/frightening.)

    I do have a soft spot for graffiti slogans. Says a lot about the education level of a place's patrons, I think.

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