everything is a gamble, one way or another

This is Jack. In this photo he's rather busy building his bower. He ran away as soon as I arrived, but when he realised I wasn't going to leave any time soon, he decided to trust that I also wasn't going to come any closer. After a short but piercing trill, the meaning of which I cannot pretend to understand, he ignored the monkey paparazzi and got back to building.

I didn't have the heart to tell him there wren't any female bower birds nearby.

Who knows, maybe his bower will bring all the girls to the yard anyway.

This is Quetzalcoatlus.

Doesn't matter how often I visit the museum, I could stand and stare at this fellow until time itself started to decay. For scale, that smaller pterosaur in the background is a pterodactyl, which is, I don't know, approximately pelican-sized? Give or take.

2 thoughts on “everything is a gamble, one way or another

    1. Jack was quite lovely, really. Watching him arrange his pieces of straw just so and hop back and stare at them and hop forward and re-arrange them was a little bit awesome.

      And I love the dinosaur display at the Melbourne Museum. I don't know how it compares to elsewhere, but I could stare at dinosaur displays for aaaaaages. Plus they have a tarbosaurus bataar, which in my book makes them pretty awesome.

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