burn, baby, burn

The last day of this year is forecast to max out at 38°C.

I learnt this more than 24 hours ago, and even though I've waited very patiently, the forecast isn't changing. At all. I was kind of hoping, this being Melbourne, that it would.

You would think that I would be spending the day immersed in water. Or squarely ensconced in air conditioning. Or at the very least in my bathtub, touching no one and nothing.

Instead, I'll be in my car. My black car. Because I'm clever like that.

4 thoughts on “burn, baby, burn

  1. But its not really out of nowhere, Perth has been have
    weather like that for weeks, its just rather strange (and good)
    that it hasn't reached Melbourne before this.

  2. H'm. You make a good point. All the same, I'd rather Perth kept their weather to themselves. I was quite happy with the relatively cold Christmas deal we had happening.

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