seriously. wtf?

I live on the third floor of an apartment block.

There are no flats above me, no one in the block (to my knowledge) owns a cat, and I don't see how any neighbourhood cat could get to my balcony.

Which is why I'm utterly at a loss to explain the BONES LITTERING MY BALCONY.

is that a lamb rib?

okay, seriously, is that teriyaki chicken? who the fvck is eating teriyaki chicken and dumping the bones on my balcony?

The bones appeared singly over the past month. Since I can't see how a cat could get onto the roof of the apartment block (there are no adjoining blocks with rooves high enough, and no trees the cat could climb that would deliver it so high), I'm forced to consider alternative theories.

Like cannibal birds.

I see a lot of birds sweeping in and out of my view. They love to roost on the roof, however briefly. Mostly pigeons, mynah birds, and ravens. And since the advent of the bones, I am now wondering if they're not EATING THEIR OWN KIND UP THERE.

4 thoughts on “seriously. wtf?

  1. Any bird of prey could have dropped it, though I find it odd that they would carry the leftovers.

    What I find interesting is that it's happened more than once.

  2. @Andy – there are a smackload of ravens who racket around on the roof just above my balcony. Hungry ravens. Obviously slightly cannibal ravens.

    @Foz – LOL. I like this idea!

    @Maria – my roof is a bit of a haven for birds. They're constantly swooping in and out of view of the window, so I think they spend a fair bit of time on the roof. Possibly they carry their hoard to the roof for eating and it just rolls down…?

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