i've lost all ability to tell what day it is

Well, it's been over a week now, and there have been no more naked men strutting around the driveway. I share this news because people have been sending me text messages: encountered any nude or rude people today? insanity factor check? nekkid loon count, update!

In fact, I have not seen Mr Balloons at all, clothed or otherwise, since That Morning, otherwise known as the day the world went so crazy1 I began to wonder if I had any secrets worth the effort of inceptioning. Given I don't normally run into him particularly often, it's hard to tell whether this means he's back to his normal routine, or whether he's now enjoying a restful holiday tucked up in the locked ward of the closest psychiatric unit.

Instead I have been entertaining myself comparing the phone plans available through different providers.

They're universally crap. Dear Australian telcos: kindly get over yourself. I'm not actually sure which of you I loathe the most.

i'm pretty sure this bridge has greater structural integrity than any of the phone plans available to me
  1. There were quite a few decidedly crazy things that day, not least of which was Mr Balloons. And the tram delivering me from home to work, during peak hour, including sitting at one set of traffic lights while it cycled through red and green several times, in only 30 minutes, a time I have never matched even in non-peak hour. []

2 thoughts on “i've lost all ability to tell what day it is

  1. You say you haven't seen any more naked men as if it's a good thing. My whole gender has been maligned!

    Jaime and I did the phone plan comparison the other day too, because we're so fed up with Optus – who we only switched to because we were so fed up with Vodafone. Now, we're trying Virgin for a while. See how that goes.

  2. I'm with Virgin at the moment – I'll give them this much, they're at least scrupulously clear and upfront about what is and isn't included in the cap. And their plans are not complicated. But their call rates are the highest, which is kinda giving me the irrits. Bah.

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