if you launch it, they will come

Did you know, that if you announce a launch of your book, and invite people to said launch, they'll actually attend?

Normal people will find my amazement at this fact the astonishing part of the above statement, but I'm pretty sure it's been documented several somewheres that writers are, in point of fact, just a smidge nuts at the best of times, so go with me on this.

I was expecting a modest handful of the usual suspects, including the drop-ins lured by Tessa's and my smuggling in of cupcakes in defiance of Melbourne Convention Centre's food dictatorship. Lovely Little Cupcakes cupcakes, each of them with a small golem-shaped man1 on their luscious (decidedly lethal) frosting.

I don't know if word of those cupcakes tore through the convention centre or what, but there were more than just the usual suspects in attendance. There were even people I didn't actually know in the audience. Now that just broke my brain. (In a good way.) This was truly excellent, though, as it meant the two free copies of Shadow Bound went to people who hadn't already bought a copy on account of having known me for at least a decade.

There was also a Mysterious Box of Mystery, donated courtesy of the mighty Tess:

which contained an alarming quantity of a special golem-shaped edition of vanilla snap cookies:

otherwise known as a butter singularity

I believe I may have actually inflicted death by butter on a significant member of the international writing community. Um…oops?

  1. well, normal people would have called him gingerbread man-shaped — but gingerbread man, golem, what's the difference, really? []

8 thoughts on “if you launch it, they will come

  1. I promise to turn up if you have a launch in Saudi…any chance you will come up here?…if you made one of the characters Muslim orientated then it would really take off here…especially as it's Ramadan!

  2. would your female characters look good in a full length black abaya? it could act as a makeshift invisibility cloak for when their swords get bent in a fight etc…coz I really hate it when that happens

  3. I’m thrilled about your launch! :mrgreen:
    Your cookie golems [they look delicios!] reminded me about this sketch:
    Around the time I first read Shadow Queen I was trying my hand at watercolors, and that was one of my attempts.

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