WorldCon Schedule including (oh yes) a certain book launch

So, AussieCon is fast approaching, so fast that this weekend saw the preliminary program issued. And, since it's not only in Australia but in my new hometown I, like others of far more important note, shall be there.

Not just wandering the corridors, wearing an expression somewhere between bewildered and panicked (depending upon how recently I've eaten and how confusing or maze-like the convention centre proves to be), but doing, you know, authorly things.

Saturday, 3:00pm (Room 203): Shadow Bound book launch
Shadow BoundCome along and see the little book be officially set free. The ever-gracious Sean Williams will be launching the book, there will be food (and since Matilde spends an inordinate amount of time cooking and describing food in both Shadow Queen and Shadow Bound, I'm thinking of trying to pick catering options that are in keeping with her world), and I'm bending my mind to coming up with some kind of lucky door prize into the bargain.

For catering purposes, I need some indication of numbers planning on attending, so if you think that includes you, please let me know, either here or by email.

Note for non-convention-goers: Since the book launch is going to be held as part of the convention, you would normally need to purchase an attending membership, or a day membership. However, there is some provision for allowing non-convention members to attend book launch events. If you live in Melbourne, or will be in Melbourne on Saturday 4 September 2010, and would like to attend the book launch without purchasing a membership, please contact me, either through the blog or by email, as I may be able to get your name on the door. The amount of names I get on the door in this fashion will be limited, so if you're interested, speak up!

Saturday, 4:00pm (Room 204): Finding the right voice: accents and speech patterns
When representing different accents and ways of speaking in fiction, some authors choose to add the occasional slang term or flourish while others go to the lengths of writing entire novels in a vernacular accent. How much is too much? Is it worth sacrificing readability for authenticity? Tips, strategies and techniques for accurately representing speech in fiction.

I don't know that I'm an expert on this, and I don't know what in the way of trips, strategies or techniques I'll be able to offer you, but I promise to at least THINK about the subject between now and the con, so that when I ramble on at you all on the day it'll be in a considered way. Or something.

Sunday, 2:00pm (Room 201): Kaffeklatsch
This is your chance to come and meet me, and chat to me, in a small group. I've never done one of these before, so I have no idea what goes down, but as far as I understand it's just a casual chat. So if you've always wanted to ask me something, or perhaps yell at me for the ending of Shadow Queen that left you hanging for a year, waiting to find out what happened, this is your chance!

Sunday, 3:00pm (Room 201):Signing
This one pretty much speaks for itself. I'll be signing. It's probably best if you bring along copies of books I've written, or to which I've contributed a story, but heck if you want me to sign something else who am I to quibble?

Sunday, 4:00pm (Room 207): Reading
Me. Some of my work (I'm not sure which work, exactly, yet). My (hopefully not quaking with terror) voice. And an audience (that would be you).

4 thoughts on “WorldCon Schedule including (oh yes) a certain book launch

  1. I'm definitely looking forward to the launch of 'Shadow Bound', and I'm going to be at Worldcon with my partner. So see you there!
    Oh, and I keep seeing your books in the wild in Tasmanian book-shops.

  2. Bugger, no Sean! Who'll be launching it now?

    Of course, you probably are already there so you won't answer. In that case, who did launch it?

    I hope it will go/did go/is going spectacularly well!

  3. Thanks Peter! It was very sad not to have Sean there, but Karen Nikakis graciously stepped in at the last moment. The cupcakes were a real hit 🙂

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