totally the big issues here, people

I have a love-hate relationship with chewing gum.

One of the guys at work always has these strange brands of gum, with highbrow flavours. He particularly favours minty orange, which I'll grant you is surprising at first, but delicious. And every now and then I steal some off him because, well, for example, lunch needs to be fought back against.

And every single time — every. single. time. — I arrive at the point where the delicious flavour has all but faded, and then past that point to where even the random interrmittent bursts of flavour are a thing of the past.

This is the point where you realise you are, indeed, chewing … GUM.

And you can't even get all righteously indignant and/or disappointed over it. Because it's in the name.

These chewing gum manufacturers and their nefarious honesty. It's diabolical.

4 thoughts on “totally the big issues here, people

  1. make sure you're not chewing the sugar free variety as they contain aspartame which is VERY BAD FOR YOU!!! drink water (fluoride free) instead…

  2. no aspartame. got it. check. (actually, i have no time for these sugar-free varieties of pretty much anything. the taste is always wrong.)

    (you do realise i fail at checking food labels, tho, don't you?)

  3. well you're a busy bunny my friend so let me be your nutritional conscience! any plans for your next travels?

  4. nothing concrete. morocco, vietnam/cambodia/laos, inca trek… i tend to let a whole slew of ideas pile up and then decide in a panic at the last minute 🙂


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