what do you mean this isn't a photoblog?

now THIS is how you drive an ambulance: backwards. in a crocheted cardigan and corduroy pants. watch and learn, my friends, watch and learn.

Also, does it alarm anyone else that the ambulance looks more like a hearse with a red cross hastily pasted on? Like some kind of horror-story-esque vehicle that vivisects its patients en route to the "hospital"?

Well, that, or the Ghostbusters car.

5 thoughts on “what do you mean this isn't a photoblog?

  1. Indeed it is me. And, I have to admit, it's rare to see a photo of me, at any age, where I'm actually happy and oblivious of the camera.

  2. The ones that aren't posed are the best kind of photos, I think.
    That's why I also like the photos you took, the ones from Mongolia, cuz they don't feel posed, more like you were able to capture what you saw rather than what they wished you'd see. if that makes sense.

  3. Makes total sense, and I agree, unposed snaps are always the best. Can be so hard to snap people, because they always pose. My trick is to take about 700 gazillion snaps – the poses normally fade out for at least one of them!

  4. Yeah, you’re right people are the hardest to photograph. I think specially because they [like I don’t do it too] don’t only like to pose but also give an opinion on how it should be done.

    Hehehe I also take a gazillion photos! The only drawback I find is that by the end I get some exasperated/annoyed people who wish I’d “get it already”

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