call me back when the war is over

I am, right this very second, supposed to be writing.

Sir Tessa is sitting across from me1 and she's working industriously.

I am not.2

Instead I am trying out Sir Tessa's new portable ergonomic keyboard. I am not succeeding overly well at typing with this contraption, because the keys are in the wrong space! They're also labelled weirdly, but, being a touch-typist, that's not so disturbing on the whole.

Being a touch-typist is also part of the problem, however. It means my fingers know precisely where the keys should be, and they're not there any more. Y and B are particularly troublesome: those two keys are supposed to be hit by the right and left index fingers, respectively. But I tend to indulge in some crossing of the keyboard, depending on the word in question, so every second time I try to hit either one of them I go for it with the wrong index finger and end up stabbing the table.

Yeah, I look pretty incapable right about now.

Maybe I'll go back to hunting and pecking. That's probably better for the wrists anyway.

  1. Well, she was, when we sat down. For all I know, given she's leant me her laptop riser stand and thus I can't see anything behind the screen, she's got up and run away, leaving me all alone in the library… []
  2. She's gonna be so disappointed in me, when she realises what I've been doing with my time… []

6 thoughts on “call me back when the war is over

  1. Deb,

    I need you to concentrate now. I'm up to page 76 of my shiny copy of Shadow Bound, so you only have a few days left before I'm going to be needing the third installment.

    Do we need to take away your Internet?

  2. …um, given there's actually only two books, and a third instalment is only a possibility at this point, I'd say you're pretty thoroughly screwed on that front. Sorry about that.

    PS: Don't stop on page 76. Page 77 is the start of one of my favourite scenes πŸ™‚


    (Actually I kinda figured as much. You were typing way too fast and without pause for too long. No fiction is so cooperative.)

  4. Heh. I did start typing on the faerie novel – but the Y and B keys were killing me. Figured a blog post would be good keyboard practice.

    I did move on to Thorn Girls (re-reading it) and was just about to pick up the narrative again when … they booted us out of the library.

    Totally not my day today.

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