there are consequences

I could tell you that I have amazing friends, one of whom staged a stealth pickup at the airport yesterday, and didn't flinch from hugging me even though I hadn't showered since May.

I could tell you that Mongolia is Big Sky Country. Or that I am currently sporting the darkest tan I have achieved in the past twenty years. That I came home to a gloriously pretty copy of Shadow Bound. That the temperatures in early-summer Mongolia are colder than those I've so far found in Melbourne winter.

All these things — and more — are true.

But instead I will tell you that Mongolia has a quietening effect. It stills the heart, robs the throat of words, and fills it with song.

This is precisely why I travel.

5 thoughts on “there are consequences

  1. Ahem. I secretly suspect this photo is actually of you, and this was your attempt to spy check up on me on your way home.

  2. I dispute that allegation, in light of the facts that a) that punk is clearly short, and b) mah bro said not but yesterday that you are shorter than me. ;p

  3. I am shorter than pretty much everyone in the world. Point b) is therefore considered moot and irrelevant to the argument at hand. I therefore remain not entirely convinced.

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