all the tiny moments of waste add up

So I'm having a little trouble with mustering up the organisational skills required to slot back into my normal routine.

Trams, being the junkies they are, require the regular feeding of metcards. Guess what I forgot to buy (and what you can't buy cheaply (or at all, if you don't have coins) on the tram itself)? Houses, once locked, require keys in order to be unlocked and yield up their comforts (said comforts being an empty pantry, but that's entirely beside the point). Guess what I left at work yesterday, and didn't realise until I was standing outside my front door? Corporate wear, in order to be classed as corporate, requires ironing. Guess what I couldn't be arsed doing any time since I landed?

The thing is, I know there's tasks I need to tackle — but whenever I think of them, I'm choosing not to bother. And I'm okay with that.

It can't last, of course. One day in and already I'm making time-wasting mistakes, when I'm time-poor. If I want to put in a productive day at the dayjob, achieve progress on the writing, and get in what (scant) exercise I can to combat the sedentary spread, without wasting more time than necessary on the daily commute, an organised routine is critical. But I'm beginning to see just how much organisation (and pre-planning, high-alert behaviour) my normal routine requires of me.

Sooner or later, I'm going to have to choose to tackle that routine again. Maybe now's my chance to see what I can streamline.

When I was just starting out at this writing gig1 I thought that the craft was the hardest thing to master. It's not. Don't get me wrong, I still don't understand how putting words in a row can be so challenging, but finding (and keeping) a routine that carves out time to write is sometimes equally as challenging. Life has this nasty habit of encroaching.

In the meantime, while I ponder how best to tweak my daily routine, I give you something I never noticed before yesterday. At the dayjob, we have a desk full of health-wise informational pamphlets, you know the type, all about walking your dog and knowing your blood sugar levels. Turns out there's a rather unfortunate placement of the Beyond Blue campaign poster directly above the anti-smoking campaign envelope:

Because you're not alone...but if you're determined to believe you are, we also have a handy envelope detailing the most efficient ways to end it all...?
  1. Heck, what am I talking about? I still consider myself to be just starting out. I always thought having a book published would help me feel more accomplished. Turns out, like every other writer who's gone before me thinking the same thing, I was wrong. I still feel just as raw and awkward as I ever did. []

2 thoughts on “all the tiny moments of waste add up

  1. I’m compelled by that Quit Kit. I’d want to know what’s inside even if I don’t smoke, and if it contained the best ways to end it all, I would make it mine. 😆

  2. Heh. You would probably find yourself the proud owner of a fridge magnet and the instruction to call your GP or apply nicotine patches at regular intervals.

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