not sure what i was thinking — but i'm sure it was good

Okay, Internets!

I have to go away for just a little bit.

It's not you, it's me. Honest.

(Although while I'm away, by all means feel free to examine your constant, compulsive need to try and sell me things.)

Promise I'll come home all bouncy and refreshed and full of renewed appreciation for all things hot-shower and electronic-related. Perhaps in return you could think about that new world order Tessa requested? There has been alarmingly little raspberry jam of late.

8 thoughts on “not sure what i was thinking — but i'm sure it was good

  1. Heh! I'm sure you'll have so much more fun than you would have if you were going to some boring place like Paris or Tuscany or Tahiti.

    Take care, have a great time, and we all look forward to your pics and stories when you get back!

  2. Safe travels! I meant to catch you at the day-job but it appears I have been working and stuff. Looking forward to pics and tales of your trails. :mrgreen:

    1. WHAT? You mean I am coming home to NO JAM?

      I ask one thing, and I give you three uninterrupted weeks in which to achieve it. PEOPLE. PLEASE.

      I despair.

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