cover art and review copies and photos, oh my!

Let me state for the record that a "windproof" umbrella is simply a lightning rod that is just as likely to turn inside out and nine times as likely to stab you in the eye with a prong as it pretends to valiantly not turn inside out. There's no win here.

But! On to more important matters. Namely, the cover art for Shadow Bound, in proper-sized glory!

Shadow Bound

If you look closely (click the pic to enlarge) you'll see that the back of Matilde's dress features Matilde in a couple of other poses — those poses being the proposed covers for the first book, which I think is a neat trick for tying the covers together.

Also, after a quick chat to Allen & Unwin people today, there should also be a giveaway in the offing around publication date, so if you're interested in scoring a free copy, stay tuned.

And finally for today, I've had a few requests lately regarding getting a hold of a review copy of Shadow Bound. An early copy? I hear you ask. DEB, HOW CAN I GET AN EARLY COPY?

Let me tell you!

First, I, being the author, am not the best person to contact — Allen & Unwin have control and final say over review copies. So if you have a book blog, for example, or you review books in some other format, you should contact Allen & Unwin directly with your request.

Now, I can't promise that asking will automatically guarantee you a copy. Your best bet is to give them some evidence of the reach and/or potential impact on the market your review can have. I will say that A&U are a lovely and accommodating bunch of people, so you just might get lucky.

And people, did I mention that the light this morning was absolutely breathtaking? I didn't? Here, let me show you:

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