apparently, being dead is kinda fun

In travel news, I appear to be enduring that pre-travel period which involves the haemorrhaging of money. I don't like this bit so much.

On the other hand, great advancements in travel preparations were made today, including taking delivery of my brand new camera. Which I don't know how to drive yet. But time and tide &c — just as I finished shoving the batteries and memory card into place, 2010's Zombie Shuffle staggered past.

They were moving pretty fast, for zombies, and there was an awful lot of them this year, and did I mention I don't know how to drive my new camera yet? But I thought I'd post up a couple (or, um, ten) of my favourite shots.

I love, love, love this photo. My favourite snaps of the day pretty much all centre around zombies who've let their guard down momentarily.

Such as this fellow. The happiest zombie of the day.

This one I love because there's a terrified civilian trapped in the midst of the brain-eating glee.

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  1. heh. i took it for a practice run today to play with all the settings. it shall be, uh, interesting to review the results…

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